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The Difference We Make

When your young person ends the outing with "it was great fun seeing you today, I'm looking forward to our next outing already" it makes it all worthwhile.

The young people who come to the Project often have very limited adult support at home and few opportunities for social engagement or friendships. Many live with social, emotional and behavioural support needs and feel real challenges in day to day life. A significant number are involved in child protection procedures. Increasingly the charity is called upon to support young people who are not engaged in education. 

The main aim of befriending is to reduce the social isolation of the young people, increase their confidence and self esteem, and to ensure they are included and feel valued.

For young people participating in group activities there are similar benefits and the Project seeks to ensure every young person is included and involved in the activities. 

We try to create fond memories, help, encourage and support young people during their time with us. 

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