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Group Volunteer

A group volunteer is someone who, after a period of training and assessment, will provide support to young people on a One to One basis or to the group as a whole at the Project’s group outings. The Project facilitates around 10 group outings per annum for socially isolated young people aged between 8 to 18, living in South Ayrshire.

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What Group Volunteers Do?

Every month we invite our young people to get together for a group activity. These events can take place in our office in Ayr, or in a local community centre. Their aim is to get the young people to engage in a social activity. This could be anything from craft making to playing some games. As a group volunteer you’ll help at the event which might mean you support a young person on a one to one basis or more generally, you may help the Bfriend staff manage the event itself. If you are a driver you may be asked to transport a young person to /from the event itself. 

You’ll have your own designated Project Coordinator in the charity whom you’ll speak with at regular intervals.

Our Vision

What type of person are we looking for?

You’ll be friendly, a good communicator and have empathy for young people and the issues they face. You’ll be non judgemental, a positive role model and prepared to attend and support at 4 - 6 group activities over a period of 12 months.  

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What training and support will i get?

New volunteers will undertake some 12 hours of training through our Induction Programme.   Your designated Project Coordinator will carry out regular reviews with you to offer you additional support, advice and guidance if necessary. There will also be the opportunity to attend further training sessions and occasional social events. All reasonable expenses incurred through your volunteering will be reimbursed.

This role is considered to be Regulated Work with children as specified in the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) (PVG) Act 2007. Accordingly applicants will be required to become a member of the PVG Scheme, or undergo a PVG Scheme update if already a Scheme member, prior to any formal offer of this role. If you wish further information on the PVG Scheme you can visit the Disclosure Scotland website at

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