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Recognising Excellence at Bfriend

The team at Bfriend are delighted to have achieved Excellence Standard in the Quality in Befriending Award (QiB) from Befriending Networks. 

Bfriend, formally South Ayrshire Befriending Project, supports young people aged 8 – 18 who would benefit from social experiences with a fun and trusted adult befriender. Volunteers are recruited, trained and supported by the small, dedicated staff team to become befrienders. These befrienders are matched with a young person and help them access new opportunities within the local community, making a huge difference to their lives.

QiB is the only award in the UK which is specifically tailored for befriending services. The Award is achieved by providing evidence to successfully demonstrate that the project meets or exceeds the standards expected in; Service Policies and Procedures, Staff Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Befriendee and Befriender journeys.

“Bfriend has re-branded and changed offices, but the ethos and commitment has remained the same. Through the work of the staff and volunteers, the impact of the service is very impressive. “QiB Assessor.

The team were pleased to hear that the young people at the project echoed the assessor’s comments through the evaluation interviews.

“Contact and communication with staff is very good, everyone is lovely. Like a big family.” Young Person, 16.

“I felt listen to and welcomed. “Young Person, 13.

As part of the assessment, volunteers were also asked for their views on the practices and procedures within Bfriend. “I like the volunteer thank you events, to meet other volunteers and to build a good relationship with staff. Staff are always open to ideas; they always ask for feedback.” Volunteer.

“There is plenty of opportunities for development and to gain new skills.” Volunteer.

The team at Bfriend really value our volunteers and consider them to be at the heart of the project alongside the young people, they cannot be thanked enough for their contribution and generosity in spirit, time, and commitment.

If you would like to join the Bfriend team and can spare 2-3 hours once every couple of weeks to help, make a difference to a young person’s life please get in touch.  Apply now


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