Being a volunteer - by Karen

I have been a volunteer with South Ayrshire Befriending Project for several years and I probably can’t remember the exact number because time passes so quickly! Another way to say it would be that I have been a befriender to 4 youngsters; the age range of my matches has been from 8 to 18 and so each is different.

Be a friend...Be a befriender

Children and young people are referred to the project, mostly by social work or education, because they are in some way socially isolated and so in need of a friend to form a relationship, provide some company and organise fun outings. The outings are fortnightly and can be any day or time which suits the twosome, bearing school in mind of course The project has a budget of £20 per outing, plus travelling costs, so it's not a fortune but it's amazing what can be done. There is so much variation, from cinema to swimming to eating to a walk in the park - lots to explore in fact

The project provide training for the volunteers both at the beginning and as you go along so there is the chance to learn about related areas like child protection or first aid. It also provided great support so as a volunteer you never feel you are on your own can even enjoy social nights with other volunteers who almost always cheat at quizzes!! Time spent with the young people has the potential to make a big difference to their lives and they value it very much.

Applying and training helps you decide if it's right for you but the main thing is to have a genuine interest and care about the wellbeing of our young folk and to want, if possible, to make a difference in their lives. We have a wide range of volunteers, ages, backgrounds and personalities, please think about joining us.


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